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What Is Liberty Forums?

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  • What Is Liberty Forums?

    The whole idea of Liberty Forums is to create a community of politically like-minded individuals away from the standard social media settings. Modern social media can at times inhibit our ability to truly connect with like-minded individuals and create the change that is needed. That's where we come in.

    A few key benefits to our model are:

    -You Share The Same Interests: On many social media sites we befriend loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc. However they may not share your same interests and often discussion provoking ideas may get lost in the sea of posts that comprise your friends' timelines due to a lack of interests.

    -A Sense Of Community: On traditional social media sites it is often hard to have a defined sense of community. Groups allow this to a degree however that is exactly what they are, groups. At Liberty Forums it is less of a task to discuss political ideologies and feel a sense of comradery amongst your fellow members. One of the main flaws with third parties is they often lack a strong base that is needed to organize and create real change.

    -On-Topic Discussions: Due to the ability to choose which section you post in you will have an easier time having a discussion that doesn't stray far off-topic.

    -Anonymity: The thought of sharing your personal life with strangers can be slightly uncomfortable. Often people do not want to share a friends list with people they do not know. Liberty Forums in no way requires any personally identifying information. Long gone are the days of a stranger on the internet telling your mother-in-law that taxation is theft. You can create a non-identifying username, choose to not disclose any information about yourself, hell, you don't even have to use your personal email address.

    -Become An Icon In The Libertarian Community: Liberty Forums offers a venue for your voice to be heard. By building and maintaining a reputation for yourself amongst like-minded individuals you allow yourself a chance to bring fresh new ideas to the Libertarian platform.

    -We Can Create Change: The liberty movement is growing yet it lacks a serious backbone. We need a way to connect with others, strategize, and unleash liberty across the globe. The current system in place has grown exponentially, is engrained in the minds of many, and is a force to be reckoned with. The only way to compete with the monstrous two-party system is through the congregation of those who seek out liberty. Does that person sound like you?

    Join us here and fight for liberty. The world may depend on it.